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Don’t you think hair fall or hair loss is a “social cause”? 

Whenever it comes to hair we keep bragging about it as if the problem has been there since ages. But you know what it’s true we have been dealing with hair fall, hair loss without any remedies. Honestly, every one of us has tried a lot of remedies at home such as eating curry leafs on empty stomach, applying hair oil (coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil), mixing onion juice with honey to rub on the scalp inspired by grandma remedies or inspired by a shampoo advertisement on television.

We all believe science and technology has progressed and men have reached the moon, hair is no big deal! So like science says, “Hair Transplant without any fear will get you all your hair.” 

Gurgaon being one of the most workaholic city amongst all, there are people who might be busy pulling their hair straight! 

Here is Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Gurgaon:

1. AKS Clinic- Hair Transplant, Skin & Laser Centre

AKS is known for its most updated technology used for hair transplant and is one of the multi-purpose clinic which also provide Skin care laser treatment. AKS has been proved with amazing results. With the use of latest technology and high-quality services it has been coming out with great transformation. For more details call on: 0124-4239555, 8595300300, 8860755231

2. DHI India- Best Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

DHI is located DHI Gurgaon is located in DLF South Point Mall on Golf Course Road whichgives best quality level administrations in hair rebuilding administrations with the assistance of a solid research warning board and world-class offices. By sticking to exacting conventions, DHI gives 100% regular outcomes to its patients and gives an assurance on join survival proportion of 90% embedded hair. For more details call on: 1800 103 9300 Get your appointment now!

3. Kalosa- Hair and Cosmetic Clinic

Kalosa is the one of the best cosmetic centres when it comes to hair transplant as they use best technology and up to date methods and the surgery is conducted by top surgeon Dr. Ashish Khare. They work closely with the patients, understanding their demands and meeting the needs resulting in happy and satisfied customers with a head full of stylish hair! Book your appointment now: 9818816485/ 8619751479

4. Dr.Shilpi Bhadnani

Dr.Shilpi Bhadnani is a well-educated doctor in the field of cosmetics and hair transplant surgeries. She has acquired higher education from India as well as abroad. Since she specializes in hair transplant, she sets realistic and achievable goals when it comes to patients. They also provide other services and is highly recommended. Contact the clinic here: +91 8130134693

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